Models an ideal cw-lasersource. Output is without any noise and over phase, polarisation and power constant over time.


pypho_cwlaser.__init__(glova, power, Df, teta)

Instantiation and parameter setting.

Parameter Type Description
glova instance Global parameters
power float Mean signal power in dBm.
Df float Frequency deviation of the signal in GHz.
Default value is 0 GHz.
teta float Rotation of the polarisation in rad.
Default value is 0: Only optical signal power in X-polarisation.


Output Type Description
User defined variable pypho_cwlaser.pypho_cwlaser  


pypho_cwlaser.__call__(power (optional), Df (optional), teta (optional))

Parameter Type Description
Optional paramter   As defined above


Output Type Description
User defined variable list Returns a list in which the optical data and noise signal are defined. Read here about data signal and noise representation.