Creates an on-off-keyed electrical signal from a given bitsequence.

pypho_signalsrc.__init__(glova, pulseshape, fwhm)

Instantiation and parameter setting.

Parameter Type Description
glova instance Global parameters
pulseshape string Defines the pulseshape
'gaus_rz' : Gaussian pulse return to zero
'gauss_nrz' : Gaussian pulse non return to zero
'sech' : Secanshyperbolicus return to zero
'rect' : Rectangular shaped pulses
fwhm float Defines the full width half maximum pulse size fwhm * pypho_setup.symbolrate


Output Type Description
User defined variable pypho_signalsrc.pypho_signalsrc  


pypho_signalsrc.__call__(bitsequence, pulseshape (optional), fwhm (optional))

Parameter Type Description
bitsequence numpy.ndarray Array with zeros and ones
Optional paramter   As defined above

Output Type Description
User defined variable numpy.ndarray Returns an array with real values representing the electrical signal as specified by bitsequence