pypho_setup.__init__(nos, sps, symbolrate, f0)

Defines the basic simulations parameters.

Parameter Type Description
nos integer Number of symbols
Must be $2^N$, where $N \in \mathbb{N}$
sps integer Samples symbols
Must be $2^N$, where $N \in \mathbb{N}$
symbolrate float Number of symbols per second
f0 float Center frequency in $Hz$


The output of pypho_setup is an instance of the class pypho_setup. The instance gives you usefull parameters and arrays such as a time or a frequency axis.

Output Type Description
User defined variable pypho_setup.pypho_setup  
pypho_setup.lambda float Wavelength in $m$ in vacuum
pypho_setup.fres float Frequency resolution of the noise vector and the data signal in $Hz$
pypho_setup.timeax numpy.ndarray Time axis in $s$
pypho_setup.freqax() numpy.ndarray Frequency axis in $Hz$
pypho_setup.frange() float Frequency range in $Hz$
pypho_setup.sampletime float Time between two successive samples in $s$
pypho_setup.nos integer Number of symbols
pypho_setup.sps integer Samples per symbol
pypho_setup.symbolrate float Symbols per second
pypho_setup.f0 float Center frequency in $Hz$