Plots the eye diagramme of a signal.


pypho_eye.__init__(glova, polarisation, style)

Instantiation and parameter setting.

Parameter Type Description
glova instance Global parameters
polarisation string Defines which polarisations have to be plotted.
'x' : X-Polarisation only
'y' : Y-Polarisation only
'x,y' : X and Y-Polarisation
'x+y' : Sum Power of X- and Y-Polarisation ($|E_x|² + |E_y|²$)
style string Defines the color and style of the plot.
If two polarisations are plotted, seperate the style definitions by comma.

For example:
'r-,b:': Plots the X-Polarisation with solid red line and the Y-Polarisation with a blue dotted line.


Output Type Description
User defined variable pypho_eye.pypho_eye  


pypho_eye.__call__(E, polarisation (optional), style (optional))

Parameter Type Description
E numpy.ndarray 2 dimensional array with complex values, which represents the sample points over time of the X- and Y-polarisation.
For example E[0]['E'].
Read here about data signal and noise representation
Optional parameter   As defined above


Eye diagramme
Fig. 1 : Typical eye diagramme