Creates a sequence of symbols as defined in parameter pattern.

pypho_symbols.__init__(glova, nos, pattern, p1, p1)

Parameter Type Description
glova instance Global parameters
nos integer Numbers of bits
Default value is glova.nos
If nos is smaller 0 and the pattern is "debruijn", then the return array is length of $p1^{p2}$, otherwise as defined by nos.
pattern string Defines the bitpattern
'ones' : a sequence of ones
'singlepulse' : a single one in the middle surrounded by zeros
'random' : a random sequence of ones and zeros whith the same numbers of ones and zeros
'debruijn' : De Bruijn sequence
p1, p2 integer p1 = Number of different symbols (alphabet size)
Additional parameters needed for De Bruijn: p2 = Order of the sequence


Output Type Description
User defined variable pypho_symbols.pypho_symbols  


pypho_symbols.__call__(nob (optional), pattern (optional), p1 (optional), p2 (optional))

Parameter Type Description
Optional paramter   As defined above


Output Type Description
User defined variable numpy.ndarray Returns an array with zeros and ones as specified by pattern